Digital Creativity for Museums Toolkits

Below are details of some of the toolkits which we developed out of the Digital Creativity for Regional Museums project. These toolkits reflect our own experience both within the project and within our careers as archaeologists, curators, designers and computer scientists. Take a look, feel free to use, download and remix. Why not get in touch and tell us what you think?

Toolkit 1: Design Through Discussion

This toolkit is designed to help non-designers run a digital co-design session. We hope you find it useful and we think you will find that you are more of a designer than you thought you were…

Toolkit 2: Design Through Play: Modelling an Immersive Experience

Play is a wonderful way to solve complex problems and be creative. We all have exciting, sophisticated ideas inside of us and play can help us to articulate and share them with our community. This exercise uses a few simple creative and crafty ideas to help you think through complex digital and exhibition design challenges.